Monday, September 12, 2011

Don't Call it a Comeback

There are various reasons which have lead me to this nearly-one-month long absence from this here blog. Some are big {Rob in Europe/no photag, deeper consideration of my philosophies re:this blogging endeavor...}. Some are small {being gone myself to join Rob for 10 days, thinking breaks are good in any case...}.

I really liked blogging when I first started. It felt like a fun stress release, a creative focus & an exciting way to reimagine my personal style & the styles of others. It helped me understand style more as a fabulous art-communication hybrid. Then it became something that I felt tethered to & guilty when I neglected. Then it became something I began to over-think myself out of even wanting to do. But then...
I went on an incredible trip {a couple of weeks ago}, and snapping the sites & moments on our big adventure made me remember something that I always loved about blogging nomatterwhat; I love the avenue that it provides for me to experience 'moments' {outfits, evenings, adventures, et al} that much more, to revel in it that much longer, to remember it that much clearer.
I don't want to give that gift up yet.
I've had some moments lately. I'm excited to share them with you.
blouse & tights: Gap {outlet}, cardigan: Merona, skirt: Uncommon Items {Milwaukee}, belt: Charlotte Russe, earrings: Urban Outfitters, hobo bag: Miche, scarf & oxfords: Amersterdam, nail polish: Sally Hansen Salon Series ~ Summer Plum.
photos by Peanut.

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