Thursday, September 15, 2011

trans•atlantic petals:amsterdam fine style

The cool daytime temps in beautiful Amsterdam continue to dip with the sun.
This means that my tricky afternoon turned into an emergency evening.
It was time to bundle a bit. I stopped into the H&M: Dam Square and purchased a pair of sturdy brown boots, a couple of cardigans + some knee-highs.
This combination of staples actually sustained me through most of our trip ~ it certainly made a lot more of my items feasible via layering.
This new striped cardigan of I picked up flaunted it's camel colored elbow patches and it was a no brainer.
These boots literally saved our trip. There's no better way to say it.
I made a pretty blatant rookie mistake that I was well aware of & I know better than, and I ended up taking a risk and getting a wonderful pair of boots by the magic of fate.
So I'm not sorry that I made this decision.
dress: Forever21, cardigan, boots & knee highs: H&M, leggings: Target.
photos by Peanut.

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