Wednesday, September 14, 2011

trans•atlantic petals: i amsterdam packing mistakes

•Wise decisions I made on this trip;
1. Deciding to try to see things even if they might be closed.
2. Carrying this rain jacket with me at all times.
•Poor decisions I made on this trip:
1. Not checking to see if things might be closed...
2. ...while walking long distances to them in flip-flops.
Probably the two most important things to have with you on a trip to Europe are a positive attitude & a sturdy pair of walking shoes. I overlooked the latter. I checked the weather in Amsterdam & London every day/3 months leading up to our trip. It turns out that the 2 cities have very similar climates as each other as well as to Duluth.
So I packed a bunch of stuff that I would wear in my location during the current season. What I did not anticipate was that the weather {in all 3 cities} would shift and become very cool & rainy for days on end.
I did pack my new wonderful rain jacket that I got for FREE with Amazon credit - suckahs.
But I did not pack (or dress) warm enough on my first afternoon. Amsterdam has many broken, cobblestone sidewalks with sharp curbs, tram tracks & puddles.
My feet were cracked, swollen, muddy & freezing by 4:00pm {and I nearly snapped my ankle about a dozen times}.
It was time to {cautiously} march myself into a solution.
{A little over exposure and some red toenail polish really gives the illusion that my toes weren't actually bright purple & quaking.}
dress, earrings & headband: Forever21, cardigan, scarf & leggings: Target, flip flops: Old Navy
photos by Peanut.

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